Flavor Combinations

One of the things I love about making fudge is the combining of different flavors. I have had requests from people for certain flavor combinations and at first I just wonder why they would even think to put them together. For instance someone wanted a layer of chocolate with a layer of peanut butter on top of that and strawberry swirl in the peanut butter. At first it sounds a little bit strange but if you think about it chocolate and peanut butter go together very well and peanut butter and strawberry jelly well, that’s just perfectly natural so you put all 3 of them together and let me tell you it works it not only works it is amazing. A lot of my one hundred and one fudge flavors came from friends and family. I have some awesome co-workers that want to help me out by suggesting fudge flavors and many of them are on my list. The combinations are endless. I could be driving down the interstate and suddenly a combination comes to my mind and I will go home and try it and have my taste tester sample it. I think they enjoy doing that. My 11 year old granddaughter loves to try new flavors and let me know whether they passed her taste test approval. One thing that makes it so easy for me is the fact that there are several different types of chocolate. You have dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Mexican chocolate, white chocolate and on and on. The holidays are my favorite time for making fudge. That’s how I started selling fudge. One of my personal favorites is pumpkin spice. And I love to hand out samples of pumpkin spice fudge because a lot of people shake their heads and say no they don’t want to try it because they don’t like pumpkin but I convince them to try it and only one time did somebody not like it. Everyone else is always pleasantly surprised at how much they do like it. So why don’t you be adventurous today and try a flavor combination you wouldn’t normally try. Let us know how we are doing. Until next time.