I have some great news. This is something that you probably didn’t know. I’ll bet that most of you think that fudge is a dessert made only for the holiday season. I used to think this way also. Did you know that fudge can stay frozen for up to two years if in the proper container? Did you no that you can pull a piece of fudge out of that container in the freezer and eat it immediately? My fudge does not totally freeze like an ice cube it just gets really cold. I have customers who have purchased fudge from me a year or two ago and tell me that they just take a little piece out every once in awhile and it fixes their craving for chocolate or whatever flavor that might be. One of my customers and good family friends has a little girl who loves the peppermint fudge but of course mom doesn’t want her to have that much sugar very often so they just break a little piece off once in awhile as a special treat.

My fudge also makes great birthday gifts or Valentines gifts. Whatever you might be celebrating fudge makes a unique gift and the recipient is pretty much guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised. You won’t even need to worry about gift wrapping because we will do that for you. We will also send a little gift card along with it with your message to them.

I love handing out samples when I’m at a craft fair or any event like that because the typical reaction when someone taste a piece of my fudge for the first time is immediately their eyes roll back and close. Then their knees buckle and there head either falls forward or leans back and the little noises start happening like “Ohhh and Ummm” or “OH yeah “. I know I know it sound funny but it is true. I really get a kick out of handing out samples. I promise one day I’m going to film it.

You really don’t need to wait until the holidays to have fudge. Although we do have some amazing holiday fudge flavors like pumpkin spice, eggnog, white chocolate peppermint and a few more. We also have a couple of bourbon fudges like bourbon pecan and in that I use Ghirardelli chocolates and a great Kentucky bourbon and then I load it with some crispy Crunchy golden pecans. The bourbon vanilla bean also starts with Ghirardelli white chocolates and I use Madagascar vanilla bean and Kentucky bourbon and then top it off with a drizzle of bourbon caramel sauce oh and I also use organic bourbon vanilla in it. So if you can imagine it is extremely decadent and man that kick of bourbon that you feel on the back of your tongue just seconds after it goes down is the WINNER.

Just think about what your favorite flavor is. Are you a chocolate lover or white chocolate or maybe even butterscotch or caramel. I will tell you that peanut butter is my top seller especially the peanut butter EXPLOSION because it is packed full of crushed Butterfingers and Reese’s Pieces. Whatever it might be I probably have it and if I don’t I would love to hear what it is because it is a good day when I make a fudge that someone has requested and it turns out great. Until next time my friends. Have a blessed day!