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I have some great news. This is something that you probably didn’t know. I’ll bet that most of you think that fudge is a dessert made only for the holiday season. I used to think this way also. Did you know that fudge can stay frozen for up to two years if in the proper […]

My Joyful Tornado

Hello everyone! This is Jb our 8 year old grandson. He was born with Down Syndrome and was diagnosed with Autism at age 6. My husband Nick and I have been taking care of him for several years. He is the reason I am so passionate about making great fudge. We needed a way to […]

Flavor Combinations

One of the things I love about making fudge is the combining of different flavors. I have had requests from people for certain flavor combinations and at first I just wonder why they would even think to put them together. For instance someone wanted a layer of chocolate with a layer of peanut butter on […]

Blog My night

Hey everyone! It’s time to sit down and rest my feet. I just finished making 10 pounds of pistachio fudge, last night it was hazelnut and the night before was Dark chocolate toasted coconut fudge (I toast my coconut in a skillet) but the night before that was a big fudge making night with Peanut […]