Chocolate Fudge


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Chocolate fudge well it’s your most common fudge flavor but not too many people make chocolate fudge as smooth and creamy and irresistible as I do. That’s not just me trying to sell a product this is what everybody tells me. All of my friends , family and strangers who have bought my fudge always have the same response. Wow that just melts in your mouth and the texture is so creamy smooth. I think chocolate fudge has to be the first fudge flavor I tried as a child at Christmas time. We had a neighbor I can remember like it was yesterday her name was Miss Betty. Miss Betty never failed to bring our family a huge plate with all kinds of holiday treats on it. There were those little cookies that had the Hershey Kiss pressed in the center she had chocolate chip cookies and Chris little buttery cookies with a powdered sugar coating. Oh but right in the center was always the little square chocolate fudge beauties. I will admit the center of that plate is right where my eyes focused and I could not wait to be offered a piece (and that’s just because I was so sure I didn’t want to speak up and ask for it). Well not anymore comma I just make my own and have a piece whenever I want it. In moderation of course hahaha. I think I like the chocolate fudge because it’s just straight to the point chocolate. Nothing to get in the way nothing to have to chew he just let it sit on the center of your tongue with your mouth closed and let it melt. It definitely brings back memories the holidays for me.


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