Mexican Dark Chocolate



Mexican Dark Chocolate Fudge

What more can you say this fudge with the exception of that it combines three distinct flavors to entice your palate. Mexican Dark chocolate fudge will bring together the creamy, smooth, rich flavor of dark chocolate along with the mild hint of cinnamon and to tie it all together you get that kick of cayenne pepper. When you take that first bite of thios unique fudge you get the immediate sweet, creamy taste of the dark chocolate along with that slight hint of cinnamon and then after you have savored the flavor you get that burst of heat at the back of your throat. Most people will tell you the best chili flavor comes from the first bite but I am here to tell you that when something , anything is infused with any kind of spiciness you will know that the flavor is good is when you get that burst at the back of your throat.  This taste combination takes me back to when we had that sip of Mexican hot chocolate and that unique combination brings the savory flavors all together. Mexican Dark Chocolate Fudge marries the three flavors together perfectly . I guarantee that once you try this unique fudge you will want more.



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