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Chocolate Turtle fudge … where do they get the name turtle from when it comes to Candy anyways? Well here is a little history lesson for you in case you were curious. Turtles brand candy were developed by Johnson’s Candy Company (which became DeMet’s Candy Company in 1923) in 1918, after a salesman came into the commissary’s dipping room and showed a candy to one of the dippers, who pointed out that the candy looked like a turtle. Soon after, Johnson’s Candy Company was making the same kind of candy and selling it under the name “Turtles. Sounds reasonable to me but when I think of turtle fudge my mind goes straight to the Rippling waves of golden Caramel that wraps around and covers every pecan that is heavily scattered in and on top of this melt-in-your-mouth smooth creamy chocolate fudge. I mean chocolate fudge is fantastic and pecans well they are just wonderful and for me there's nothing better than caramel I could eat it on a daily basis. Put the three of these together and there is just something about this combination that's so comforting and familiar. My great grandma Alexanna (we call he Mamasan) LOVED Turtles and i was always so proud and super excited to give them to her for every occasion or holiday. I remember thinking how surprised she was going to be but as a grandma now myself I know that she had to be expecting them but she sure did let us know how happy she was with them. If she were still here today I know with out a doubt my turtle fudge would be her favorite.

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Every single batch of our premium, smooth and delicious fudge is made by hand from the best ingredients we can find to ensure the highest quality possible.

We ship our fudge in freezer safe resealable containers so that you can enjoy it straight away or save it for months in the freezer.

All fudge is 100% guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason at all just return the fudge for a full refund or replacement. If you’re not happy then we’re not happy 🙂
Allergy Information:

All of our fudge contains ingredients that are processed on equipment and with utensils that come into contact with peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, milk, soy, wheat, egg and artificial food coloring.

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